financial highlights

With sound fiscal management and significant savings achieved through process improvements, our total comprehensive income increased by 8.27% in 2018 and we are entering our 50th year in a strong financial position. Let’s take a look at the numbers.

$1.2 billion

Assets increased by
$199.8 million or 19.86% over
the past five years

Deposit growth is
5.28% and loan
growth 6.16% over
2017 figures

$2.4 billion

in dollars under management
represents growth of
2.12% over 2017


was shared with our
member-owners through
our 2.25% patronage dividend


and 30,964 hours have
been saved by process
improvements since 2014


was added to the coffers of the
Kootenay Savings Community
Foundation in 2018

Total Profit Shares
Declared ($)

Assets ($)

Deposits ($)

Dollars Under
Management ($)

Net Income ($)

Want more? Download our 2018 Full Financial Statements here.

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